Sunday, December 14, 2008

Moldy Business

Alright everyone, laugh it up!

Haha. Actually this is so insane it's sortof hilarious. (And if it's not funny, check out the picture of me "Haz-Mat" style. :)

Anyway had a mold problem in the apartment due to lack of air circulation and natural sunlight in here. Spent some time spraying it down today and took some major extra precautions - face masks, safety goggles, gloves, the works. It was probably overkill (and so was spraying the entire closet), but it seemed a better idea to go fierce once and try to take care of everything rather than do it in incremental steps.

So I totally SWAT-teamed the mold in my apartment today... IN, SPRAY DOWN, OUT.

Then let the apartment air for a couple hours before coming back to wipe down all the walls. Now that's all done and it's pretty good. The apartment is still an insane mess but this gives me an opportunity to throw out a bunch of stuff I don't need and do some general cleaning. Oy gevault!

The aftermath of completely emptying the closet

Me ready to obliterate this mold

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