Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I said "Brr, it's cold in here"

San Francisco is freezin'!!!!!!!!

It literally hailed last night (really? really?!?!) and it was nuts.
It's cold as a beast today but... even more so because I have to leave all my windows open. Yep. :)

I figure it's better to be somewhat frozen that to be breathing in all the chlorine bleach smell that I sprayed in my closet yesterday. :)

So I'm still airing out this place, but oh mercy it's chilly. These fleece pants can only do so much! Anyway I figure this is good practice for my trip to Canada soon where it will be snowy and I'll have to remember what the "real winter" is like. :) Presumably it's still "good for building character" - i.e. cold as a beast.

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