Friday, December 05, 2008

Woo! Verizon!

If you know me AT ALL, you realize I am pretty often never sarcastic, and I actually DO think stuff rocks all the time.

If you read the title of this blog and instantly thought, "Oh, what a cynical comment. I bet he's gonna diss on Verizon for this entire blog post"... then oh my, friend... you have me all wrong.

First blog-title impressions aside, I SWITCHED TO A REAL CELL NETWORK, FINALLY!!!!!!!!!

The last year and a half of dropped-call fiascos and "can you hear me now-s" has finally come to a glorious end. And I am darn glad, I tells ya!

Verizon has some sweet deals and they work MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better in the Presidio than my current provider, MetroPCS. Unfortunately although MetroPCS has some amazing deals, and $50 a month for 24/7 unlimited USA calls DOES rock... it is a pain in the kiester (haha) how terrible the reception is at work and around the Presidio and in my apartment and blah blah blah.

So, I've joined the ranks of nearly 70 million smart "Ammmericans" and hooked up some mad Verizon action. YES.

I am excited to actually be able to receive cell phone calls and texts at my desk during the day and to not have dropped calls every three seconds and to also be able to use my phone everywhere in the USA, not just in the limited MetroPCS metropolitan areas. So this is great for lots of reasons.

I ALSO got a sick phone, the Samsung Gleam! Haha, it is black and gold (I think that's the colour I got) and it's kinda blingin'. It also has a hilarious "Living Wallpaper", which is an animated home screen with a car theme... the battery life etc are all big car guages, which is hilarious. Awesome times!!

Most importantly, it's actually gonna be about the same price as I have now but for better service and I think I'm gonna be much happier with it. And it's gonna work in CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!

So... hot.

Haha car guage menus?!??!!

Sweet clock on the outside

This rocks

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