Tuesday, December 23, 2008

iMenorah international crash / wrong number of candles: FIX

NOTE: For international (non-USA) customers of iMenorah:

We have just (12/23/2008) realized that due to SDK internationalization problems, iMenorah may be crashing on load or displaying the incorrect number of candles if your Region Format is not set to USA. Please accept our apology for this bug.

Please do the following before running iMenorah:
iPhone -> Settings -> General -> International -> Region Format.

Set this to "United States" and the app will work as expected, with the correct candle number for the current date.

I don't expect our fix will be available until after the holidays.
Please use this as a workaround until we can update our app.
We hope you have a very Happy Chanukah!

Mike and Matt
Developers, iMenorah

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