Sunday, December 21, 2008

An iMenorah holiday story to warm your heart :)

Environment Canada was calling yesterday "Snow-mageddon" due to huge gusts of wind, snow storms and some insanely bad weather. I'd seen reports of hundreds of flights being delayed and canceled... but who could have ever guessed that this could lead to a beautiful iMenorah story!

We really wanted to create more than just software with our first app. Our original goal was to create a meaningful cultural experience:

“We wanted to make something culturally relevant... we wanted to provide a ritual experience, rather than just a piece of software... we wanted it to feel like you’re really lighting a menorah."

-Matthew Parrott, quoted from our interview for the Jewish News Weekly of Northern California

Now this is amazing. THIS is why we created the app. I couldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams that we would be getting in stories like this. :)


Our flight was delayed out of Newark & we missed our connection to Cabo, so we ended up in Atlanta overnight. As our menorah is in our still-checked luggage, we dimmed the lights in our airport hotel room and lit our menorah with the app & sang the blessings together; what a memorable Hanukkah! Thanks so much!
A kind thank-you to Dan Cohen for his support, and for his help in creating this amazing Chanukah moment. :)

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