Saturday, December 06, 2008

Muir Woods with Tim and Molly

Sunday was fun, I took Nash to the airport after a long day out at Muir Woods and in Sausalito and bootin' around a whole bunch, it was a lot of fun. We went to Muir Woods and Muir Beach and then to a great breakfast place in Sausalito (for lunch at 3pm) and then to a great lookout for the GG Bridge before heading back into San Francisco.

These 2 are self-proclaimed "eco-geeks" so it was awesome to hang out nature-wise with people who are really excited and knowledgeable about the forest, ecology stuff, "conservancies" (what that means, I'll never know), and other cool non-Computer Science stuff. It's also weird NOT to talk about Computer Graphics and Animated Films all day long. :)

I guess I balanced that by driving directly to Matt's place after dropping off Tim, picking up him and his computer, and going to my house to finish an update fix for iMenorah until 2am. Busy weekend!

Nash in his element

This was gorgeous


"The San Francisco Giants"


I love this one too

Awesome-o power

Ah buuuh!!!!!

Tim and Molly just lovin' it

We decided my house should be the one with the huge windows

Muir Beach

Tim and Molly

House boats?!!!

Haha, these are so weird. This one had a spiral staircase, and I really wished it had a spiral slide into the water instead!

Siiick 'ol school Masterati

Amazing Ferrari!!!!!!

Nash and I at the GG Bridge viewing area

Great times!!

I love this city!!

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