Wednesday, December 10, 2008

iMenorah: Charitable Donation details

When deciding to write iMenorah, my co-developer Matt and I discussed lots of details about our approach. One of the first items we discussed is that no matter how commercially successful or unsuccessful iMenorah is going to be, one thing is certain: we want to donate a portion of the proceeds to our community.

We have made our decision and would like to share it with you now...

By downloading iMenorah, you are also supporting San Francisco's local Jewish Community.

A minimum of 10% of the proceeds (in multiples of $18) from iMenorah will be donated to the San Francisco Jewish Community Center (JCCSF). The JCCSF has a real sense of the importance of spreading knowledge, of learning, study and discussion. They are incredibly well organized, and they are doing great things for San Francisco (and for SF's Jewish Community, too). We'd like to support their outstanding efforts.

These donation details have been posted to our website ( and to our iTunes purchase page for iMenorah.

Matt and I thank you for supporting our development efforts, and for supporting San Francisco's Jewish Community.

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