Saturday, December 06, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008 Party!

On the Friday after Thanksgiving I threw a huge party at my apartment, it was nuuuuuuts!!!!!! R.Rose came over super early to help out which was nice cause I really needed a lot of help. We all cooked and cleaned the apartment for about 7 hours straight, and then people started to arrive around dinnertime. It worked out amazingly well, I somehow managed to have enough food for 18 people to eat dinner, which was insane but somehow we pulled it off. Great times, and great to see J-Kiz and A-Griz too. Funny to have so many Texans in one room!! :)

Me and Gabe-rielle

Me and Frizzle

Tim mashing the potatoes

And so the food begins


Molly, Suzie and Tim


Turkey is alllmost ready!

Everyone running for the food


Hip hop flava

Haha, A-Griz!!

Frank and Kurt... in a room at the SAME TIME?!

Cabernet giving the food a hearty thumbs up





Orion looking alluring

Hahahaha!!!!!! Matt eventually descended into absurdity and started making the sock monkey dance

Then K.C. the Cat and the sock monkey started doing square dancing with each other

Matt laughing at his own sillyness

Serious bongo times

Haha, Gabrielle looking mad about something

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