Friday, December 19, 2008

MTV: What the Flip - collaborative student videos

This is a cool campaign by MTV - they give 100 camcorders to 100 students around the country with open-ended themes, and then cut together all the work to make a pretty cool, cross-country video collaboration. Check it out.

From MTV:
The companies gave 100 Flip camcorders to 100 college students around the country and told them to get inspired and surprise us. Different themes guided them, some were open-ended, others were scavenger hunts and others were questions only they could answer. At the end, MTV cut together the clips to make 8 video episodes that air on MTV as well as the MTV website. These films were created by aspiring film makers from all over the US and we are hoping to get them some publicity for their hard work.

Episode 4: Last Dream I Remember


Nabsta said...

I have to say I really liked the raytraced still shots on your website and was wondering what it's like to be a programmer for Maya at Pixar--if you use something like C++ to write Maya Embedded Language--or if I have no idea what I'm talking about and that's a totally different division. But in response to this blog I put a stop motion claymation animation up at

if anyone is interested.

Casey Ford Alexander said...

Here's a vid by CFA:
Another Flip Video