Saturday, April 22, 2006

Last day of work and Team Lunch!

I went out with my awesome, awesome team for lunch today in honour of my last day. It was fantastic and awesome and I got a huge Margarita that looked like it was in swimming pool sized glass. It was really fun and I had a great time. Also, great news about next term, I will post that soon.

Tonight we went to PF Changs and it was excellent, I got some good Cashew Almond Chicken and some Tropical Green Tea which was very tasty too. After that we saw Silent Hill and it was a scary movie and pretty insanely crazy, but there were some cool effects in it.

After that we came back to our apartment for some chillin' and lots of pics from all of this fun stuff.

Guido making a face and Brian

Brian and Ben

Guido with me and Mike

Guido and his lemonade

Shawn in his Waterloo shirt!!

My Chicken Tortilla mix

Another highway Cars poster

Ian at PF Changs

Nathan standing over a blue light

Me standing over a blue light

Frank and Angelique

Ian and Jaime

Nathan and Kev

Me and Nath

The "other" Nathan

Crazy Nathan again

Ian giving us a cheers

Kev chillin'

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