Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Random financial things

Today I got a pretty nice surprise, I got $12 of interest last month! ING Direct is nuts, it's around 4.75% interest for a normal savings account, pretty amazing stuff. I don't have a huge amount in there, but since the rate is sweet I am doing well. I am being smarter with investing this time - rather than just leaving my money in a chequing account, I am putting it into Savings Accounts with high interest rates, it's pretty great. Back in Canada I am getting about $10-$12 per month of interest there too which is really sweet!! Of course this money is all going to school tuition and rent, so there is no way I'd risk it in "real" investing like stocks and so on... but the small amount of extra work to setup Savings Accounts with high interest rates has been most definitely worth it.

Haha yeah so random excited banking news aside, things are going really well. As I mentioned before I "had" to get a massage today and it was pretty great. My arms and shoulders are hurting much less now from the huge amount of exercise from this past weekend. Skiing was awesome and I will post photos soon, I have been too busy to download my photos and get pictures from everyone else too.

It was Piotr's last day today which is sad and we are going to miss him around here as well. Piotr is heading back to Texas soon but is taking a road trip first so I am sure he will have a great time. I think we are going to have a nice dinner with him tomorrow if he isn't too busy packing up his stuff.

Oh yeah now that I am talking about money things, it's pretty awesome that the American dollar has been rising against the Canadian dollar lately. I don't usually pay attention to this a huge amount but it makes a big difference to me when I convert American dollars to Canadian dollars, and the exchange rate has been getting better and better for the past week or two. It's been really bad for almost the whole time I have been out here, and now that I am going to convert some of it soon, it's looking like a better rate.

I will post some good pics soon from the weekend. I saw the videos and they are awesome, there is a good one of me grinding in skis across a tabletop thing, it is awesome and I can't believe I didn't wipe out the second time when we filmed it!

I saw Inside Man last night with my friends, and it was pretty good. Spike Lee is a pretty awesome director and Denzel always does an amazing job. There were some interesting camera angles and camera choices in the movie that I found pretty cool.

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