Monday, April 17, 2006

Robertson Screwdrivers and Milk in Bags?

Well today it somehow came up that in Canada, we often buy Milk in packages of 3 4-Litre bags. Frank, my roommate from Texas almost fell out of his chair... "You guys get Milk... in BAGS??!?!!" he said, in astonishment and with a look of curiosity on his face.

Sure enough, Americans don't appear to know what "Milk in bags" is, but Frank was quite impressed by the notion of Milk in bags. For those Americans in the audience, I thought I should share with you a link to this explanation of Milk in Bags.

Specifically check out "The Steps" and "The Store", that was pretty useful in my explanation of Milk in bags to Frank. He was duly impressed, and then I told him you can even get Chocolate Milk in bags and he once again was impressed.

This website also explained some Canadianisms and we determined that Americans likely also have no idea what Robertson Screwdrivers are, for those of you who aren't sure please click the link if you are interested. They are apparently a Canadian invention, I had no idea, I just assumed these were as common as Philips Screwdrivers, apparently not?!!! Crazy.

Anyway some wonderful American/Canadian differences we learned a-boot today. Fun.

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