Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Point Reyes last weekend

Last weekend my Pixar homeys and I went to Point Reyes for some sweet hiking on the beach. Lots of awesome photos here. After our long hike we went to a small Mexican restaurant and got some sweet food. I got 2 desserts and they were both awesome.

Everyone walking on the beach

My homeys

Me on the beach


J-kiz laughing as Amanda makes the leap across the water


Me and Jake

Me chillin'

Nathan and the rocks

Nathan with some china he found

Cool and weird Starfish

Kev and Julie

Manish taking a picture of me

Emma rockin' the hiking vibe

Frank being crazy

Sweet scenery

Cool rock formations

Me standing in the sandy rocks

Frank doing more crazy stuff

Me walking back to the car

Some kids carrying a log


Me eating a flower, Jake wondering why I an eating a flower

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