Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My busy week!!

This week has been totally nuts already. There is a lot I need to wrap up at work and I want to make sure that I finish off all the stuff I started to make sure I don't leave loose ends everywhere. That is going very well and totally rocks, but there is a whole bunch of other stuff going on too.

If nothing else than to make a list for myself, I figured I'd better write down the 8 million things on my mind at the moment on here for the good of the people!! There are a million things happening a moment, and I've got to sort out a whole bunch of little details for heading back to school. I guess it is always crazy this time of term. I need to get all my evaluations done at work, write a report for my Visa place, and do some other random paperwork. There is lots of other randomness to sort out too - paying my Canadian bills, transferring money over so I can pay for school, making sure I have enough money in Canadian Dollars to pay for my first month's rent in Waterloo, sending in forms to Waterloo to the Student Accounts building, and more and more. Thankfully (well, sortof) my scholarship from Western is done now as I have received it 4 times and that's the maximum. So I don't have to get all those forms and transcripts figured out which is great, but hehe the scholarship was sweet and was definitely worth sorting out all those forms for. :)

So other than a bunch of paperwork and stuff, I've got general other stuff to do, lots of good friends to see off nicely, a good weekend planned, we are going hiking and rushing around and eating good food and more. Also my buddy Matt Lausch is coming to California again!! The smart bugger got some fantastic interviews here so I am really happy for him and also now he can hang out with me and my friends and not be totally rushed and insane like last time he came to visit.

Hehe so if I have been bad about writing to you lately, or if you sent me an email a while ago and were wondering why I never responded, please don't take offence my friend!!!!! Haha yeah it has been such an insane week and in fact the past while has been very busy with things happening a mile a minute. It's wonderful, amazing and awesome, but oh man it's busy!! :)

Hehe glad my parents enrolled me in like 6 after school activities at once when I was in elementary school, that multi-tasking ability is coming into handy now. :)

Tonight was sweet, I got lots of work done and then headed with Jake, Amanda and Kev to McAfee Stadium in Oakland to see the Oakland A's game!! It was really fun and we had awesome seats and it was a really good time. I'll post pics when I get a chance.

I am pretty excited to see all my friends back in Waterloo, especially excited to hang out with my sister again as I got her a bunch of awesome presents from California and she is going to love them!!!!!!!! Haha awesome, I love giving presents.

Oh yes also right after I move home I relax for a day, then I move to my new apartment!! This all sounds nuts right? Haha last time I moved back to Canada I had a cold and a sore foot on top of all of this stuff, so I am pretty happy about not being sick or having a sore foot now. :) Awesome!!

Well friends I am going to get some sleep, I was overexcited last night looking for Waterloo Scholarships at like 3 in the morning and went to bed late, it's 1:30 now so I should get to bed soon.

Hope you are all doing well and I am looking forward to seeing you Waterloo people soon.

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