Sunday, April 30, 2006

School starts tomorrow, website updates

Things are sweet, I have finally finished unpacking and now the last major thing I need to do is finish putting up all of my decorations and posters.

I have been back in Canada since Tuesday night and then moved on Thursday and now I have got everything ready for school tomorrow. I have just 2 classes tomorrow, Mathematical Logic and History & Film. They should be pretty sweet and I'm definitely looking forward to school again. I think this should be a really great term.

Instead of getting to sleep earlier as you might imagine would be a good idea, I updated my resume and posted a new one to my website (see it at I also added some new images and a little icon on the main page that lets you know that you can reload the front page to get different welcome images. This is a bit of a hidden feature so I thought I'd make it a little more noticeable. :)

My textbooks should be arriving tomorrow. Also gotta get started on my classes right away I am sure of it. Since I am taking a 4th year Independent Study Fine Arts class, I need to get planning and setting due dates for myself to ensure I stay on track for this class. I am planning on doing a lot of Maya modeling of 3D indoor environments, so lots of desks, chairs, lamps, tables, shoes, pens, paper, garbage, junk food, containers, and so on. That should be reallllllly cool and I will of course post my work along the way and would appreciate comments, thanks.

Well it's 2:30 so I guess I'd better get to bed. This new house rocks and my roommates are totally awesome (haha this of course is no surprise, but I thought I'd mention it anyway) :)

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