Sunday, April 09, 2006

More Skiing Photos and Ice Age 2

Ian sent his pics from skiing last weekend so I thought I'd post a few more here. Good times!!!!

Today was super lazy, I got up at about 1pm and went straight to our favourite breakfast place EmeryBay Cafe with Manish. Then we went to see Ice Age 2, and mannnnnnnn it was sweet.

Just wanted to post a few things about it, man it was great. The story was nice and solid and pretty cute. The kids in the audience seemed to really like it as well, so that's great. The movie kept cutting back to "Scrat" the little squirrelly guy who is forever trying to get an Acorn. It was reallllllllly funny and the scenes with Scrat were hilarious. My favourite part was him squeezing his nose and head through the ice and then cutting a circle of ice with his teeth, and then rolling around and still stretching to reach the acorn... it was really reallllllly funny.

One specific sweet technical thing was the hair. Oh man the hair was amazing. I specifically loooooooooooved the hair on the little anteater characters, the parent anteater was fantastic with a stripe of lighter coloured hair over longer brownish hair, it was really excellent. There was a lot of fur clumping in Ice Age 1 that I assume wasn't completely intentional and probably had a lot to do with the CG abilities of the time - I think that was around 2000 or 2001 so that is a fair while ago in such a fast-moving world. In Ice Age 2 it was very clear that there were some really major improvements to the hair simulation. It was sooo good. Seriously I was talking about those little anteater guys all afternoon, man that was great!! Also the wet fur on Manny the Wooly Mammoth after coming out of the water was also very very well done.

Tomorrow we are planning on hanging out in the city with some friends. I might go to visit Matt at LucasArts on Monday because Ray Harryhausen is speaking there and I'd really like to see him talk.

Me in skiing mode

Me, Jon and Angelique

About to go into the Terrain Park

Jon and Angelique boardin' it

Wahoo!!!! Skiing!!

Piotr boarding

Jon taking a break from boarding

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