Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Skiing in Lake Tahoe

This past weekend, my friends and I went up to Lake Tahoe near the Nevada border and it was totally super awesomely super super sweet. I had SUCH AN AMAZING TIME and MY FRIENDS FROM WORK ARE SOOOOOOO AWESSSSOOMME!!!!!!!!!!

Haha as you can see, I am even more hyped up than usual, so I must have had a REALLY good time. It totally insanely super rocked.

We went up to Tahoe and on the way the Highway close to the Mountain Pass was closed and we had to drive back to a place near Sacramento to stay in a Hotel overnight. That was great and we got to make fun of each other, everyone told me my Paul Frank Banana pajamas were weird and then at 1:45am we ordered a wake up call for the other room at 2:30am, haha. I totally didn't want to, but it was April Fools and Frank called and make a great excuse to the Front Desk why we were calling for a wake up call for the room that had the other set of people in our group... haha.

In the morning after like 3 hours of sleep we headed to Tahoe and Skiied all day at Sierra and it was excellent. In the evening we went to a house that is being rented by other people from work and put down all our stuff and then went out for some good Mexican food.

Sunday we got up and headed to Northstar which was even better. It was SOOOOO sweet and such a nice resort, and the skiing was fantastic. A few of us went down the Terrain Park ski hill at Northstar and it was totally sweet, we did a few tabletops and the crazy ones did some rail slides too!!! It was really awesome. We even did a few jumps too and got Amanda to record them. Turns out that I didn't get nearly as much air as I thought I did, haha my jumps kinda sucked, but my slide on the tabletop rail looks really awesome and I'll post it soon!! Haha that was fun. Sunday afternoon we headed back home and then went right back out to see Inside Man which was a great movie. What a busy weekend of fun and awesomeness. It was sweet.

At the hotel on the way to Tahoe

Sweet snow action

Snowy trees... are we in Canada?!??!


Putting on "Snow Chains" haha

Ian, Jake and Amanda driving

More driving in the snow

Tahoe City area


Ellen and I getting ready with Frank looking on

Jake and I hangin' with Amanda and Jon

Sweet $1 Sunglasses

Jake and Amanda

Lunchtime!! Frank, Me, Julie, Piotr, Ellen, Angelique, Jon, Ian, Amanda and Kev


The Halfpipe, no I did not do this in my Skis!!

Me after wiping out huge on a tabletop rail

Jake and Amanda is skiing mode

Me, Piotr and Jake about to take a run down the mountain again

Piotr and Jake leaning on the Hotel wall for some strange reason

Yeah I don't know what they're doing here

The front out the house we stayed in, sweeeet

Piotr looking crazy

A weird stick Moose head thing about the fireplace

Jon and I after a day of skiing

Piotr and I with red faces from skiing

Jake and I after another hard day of skiing

Frank and I looking content/hungry for dinner

Me and Frank's feet

Yeeeeahhh Snow!!

Jon pouring the Margaritas

Frank at Dinner

Ellen, Piotr, Julie and Ian at dinner

Mmm... Mexican Food


Half asleep in the morning after skiing

Piotr trying to wake Ellen up

Frank still asleep

Everyone looking tired and Jake telling me to stop taking photos

Kev angrily eating a doughtnut

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