Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Some cool Photoshop stuff and other randomness!

It's 2:11am and I should go to bed soon, instead I'm posting to this blog again, hehe insane.

Anyway just wanted to post these few pictures, my roommate Nathan and Frank taught me a few Photoshop things and helped me/did these sweet fix-ups to some photos I had.

Nathan showed me how to change levels and color balance and stuff to fix the skin tones in the picture below of me and John Lasseter, and he pushed the color in the background back a bit. I think it looks a lot better now and I look less like I have been running around at the Cars Wrap Party for 4 hours before we took the photo. :)

Tonight Frank suggested I use the Photoshop Clone and Healing brush to fix the power cable that was in my Santa Monica beach sunset photo. I think it looks so much better now!! The Healing brush is great, it's like the Clone brush but it sortof blends your brush strokes a lot more... it's awesome.

Also a random picture of a kid sized Cadillac Escalade. Sweet eh??!

Better pic of me and John Lasseter

Sweet Sunset without the power line!!

Haha, kids are getting Escalades at an earlier age these days...

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