Saturday, July 07, 2007

Back in Athens

I got back to Athens this morning at a super early time, around 6:00am. Then got totally lost at the Ferry terminal since I only had 5 or so hours of sleep and was totally out of it. I found the bus transfer to the Metro station and was then on my way. Got to Larissa station and then got TOTALLY lost, and spent a while trying to find my hostel without a map!

When I got to the hostel it was too early to check in, so I hit up some free internet (sweeeeeet) and then still couldn't check it so I went on a trek around town a bit. It was fun and then I got TOTALLY lost again. I ended up walking to the market, past the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora, and halfway back to Piraeus. That was nuts. Finally I found some train tracks and got so fed up of trying to figure out how to get home that I just followed the tracks to the next Metro station. Haha. So crazy!! Anyway it was a fun day of getting lost and wandering for the sake of it.

More exciting news though... I found 5 of the NEW CARS TOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got Ferrari F430, Tex Dinaco, Red Ramone, Bling Bling McQueen and the RPM #64 car. Sweet. So that is a bunch of the new ones which are going to be impossible to get in the USA. Sweeeeet!!

Anyway good times here, not doing too much. Just chillin' and spending some time on the internet here. Gotta get my apartment figured out in San Francisco but I'll spend some more time tomorrow doing that too.

Apparently not an Olive tree in Kos

Overnight ferry rooms

Sweet building and sky in Athens

Forum in Athens

Bath House in Athens

Forum in Athens

Dinner time - Cherries, weird Oregano chips, bread, edam lappi cheese, olives

Chillin' out in Athens

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