Thursday, July 26, 2007

San Diego, Futon, Internet, Bed, Bike

A gazillion things going on at the moment. I am back at a coffee place that has free internet cause I still don't have internet at home yet. But that is getting fixed on the weekend, ComCast is coming over to hook me up with some sweet internet at home. Awesome.

Looks like I also have to do a gazillion other things this weekend... hmm, I should make a list. Ok here we go.
  • Get Internet at home
  • Futon delivery
  • Go to Sleep Train, buy a bed, buy pillows, get it delivered and set up
  • Get a Cell Phone plan (I guess that can wait)
  • Change my local bank
  • Research, shop for, fit, switch parts in and out, and buy my new Mountain Bike
  • Call my landlord and tell him the fridge is leaking water
  • Send “state of apartment” writeup to landlord
  • Send cheque for next month’s rent to landlord
  • Buy a soup pot and collander so I can cook pasta at home
  • Go food shopping
  • Test out my bike for the commute to work
  • Hang out with friends from Pixar
  • Pay for the Siggraph hotel in a few weeks
  • Go back to IKEA and buy a bunch of other stuff
  • Get a desk
  • Get a TV (that can wait)
  • Get a DVD Player (that can wait)
  • Get my sweet new LucasFilm watch fitted so I can wear it to Siggraph
  • Decide on details for my benefits at work
  • Read over my lease again
  • Take a nice walk on Ocean Beach or at Golden Gate Park
  • Buy smoke detectors
  • Order new cheques
  • Research stuff I need from BestBuy
  • Get a AA battery for my wall clock
  • Research and eventually buy a Digital SLR Camera
  • Pre-order the new Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds CD and DVD
  • Read more Harry Potter
  • Sleep
  • Eat
Man that is a lot to do. I can think of a bunch more I need to do as well. Moving to a new country and getting your own apartment set up is a lot of work!!

Well that gets me thinkin' about what I need to do. A bunch of that can wait but I should do quite a few of those things this weekend. At least the internet, futon, bike and maybe bed should be this weekend. Then I'll be a bit better set up. Sweet deals.

Tonight? Harry Potter book here I come.

In other news, here's a photo of my degree in the 50th Anniversary Waterloo frame!! Sweet eh!!

Sweet degree

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