Friday, July 06, 2007

More Kos pics

Here's a bunch of pics from the last few days in Kos.

"Natur" at it's finest

And... a Pomegranate TREE

Ok this is nuts. This is an Asparagus plant, yes, Asparagus grows on a plant like this. SO weird.

Random Cat, Random Cat, Random Cat!!

Oh sweet!! Can't wait to see the new "Thon Trabolta" film!

Me with George Sakellis, 1st cousin (I think) of Kostas Sakellis, a friend of mine from high school and University!!!!!!! What a crazy coincidence!!

Haha tiny cat

Tiny cat's mom

Reaaaaaaaaaaaally good Caprese salad today with a Frappe Cappucino using "Tonino Lamborghini" Caffe, yes it was a Lamborghini coffee and it was freakin' sweet. Hopefully their coffee doesn't go through my system at a speed comparable to their automobiles.

Me at the H20 Cafe

Chillin' at the hotel

Me and Mom with one of her presents

Out for dinner with Mom, Dad, Ros, Graham and Juan Carlos

Our favourite restaurant here in Kos

Breakfast with Dad

Chillin' at the hotel with Dad

Greek Coffee

Mom and Dad at dinner

Frappe time again

Me with our awesome waitress at the hotel, she made my Mom a rose made out of a napkin

On the hotel internet

Chillin' with KC (I've had this cat for like 15 years, hehe)

Ice Cream time

Dinner again

Sunset from our dinner place

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