Monday, July 02, 2007

Off to Kos

I just got to the island of Kos yesterday morning to meet my parents here!! I am staying with my parents while my Dad is speaking at the European Control Conference here in Kos, it's a conference for the type of Chemical Engineering that he teaches. So I am staying at a suuuuper cool hotel here and it rocks, and it's really nice to relax and have a nice room with Air Conditioning, a Pillow, and a shower where you don't have to hold the shower head and rub shampoo into your hair at the same time. :)

We went out for dinner last night with my parent's friends Graham and Ros, they are really awesome as usual and it's really nice to see them as well... they are hilarious and just as Australian as I remember them. :) Also maaaaaaaaaaan there is a sweet buffet breakfast here, this morning I got eggs, omlettes, mini crepes, fruit, juice, coffee, and more and more. It was nuuuts.

I was thinking of maybe taking a day trip to Bodrum in Turkey but instead maybe just get a Jet Ski one of these days and relax and sort through all the junk from this trip before I move to San Francisco next week.

View from the hotel balcony

Amazing hotel

View from where I had lunch


Haha Lamborghini Coffee?!??!!

Dad with the Greek poster I bought him

Mom and a fig tree

Beautiful sunset at dinner

Mom with Dad and Ros

Graham and Juan Carlos

Coooool starry entrance to the hotel

Where the buffet breakfast is served

Dad and I at the hotel

Man this hotel is sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad at the entrance to the conference

Hotel pool area

Hotel entrance

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