Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rib-O-Rama 2007 BBQ

Well getting stuck in Canada for a week turned out to be totally awesome!! I went into Toronto for the weekend after sorting out a bunch of the details and went with Alex and Matt and some of the other Alias/Autodesk homeys to Rib-O-Rama, John Gross's yearly BBQ!! Everyone said that they enjoyed the Ribs and as usual they also had chicken so that rocked (and was good for me so I could also eat some BBQ food too!!) Good times.

That rocked and it was soooooooooo fuuuuuuuun. It was SO nice to see everyone and what a great piece of luck that I ended up in Canada for the weekend when John was having the BBQ. Fantastic. It was great to catch up with everyone and hear how well they are all doing. Good stuff. Great to see Matt and Alex too and to catch up on all the rest of the details of the trip. Good times!!

Matt and Alex in Toronto

Me with Matt and Alex

John Steinberg and the BBQ chicken

Me and Cory

Me and Shai

Me with Cory and his really funny small daughter looking at us!

John Gross taking a break on a tiny kids lawn chair

I ran into Michelle Caplan on the train home to London!!

Michelle and I on the way home to London

Back in Toronto with Alex at Spring Rolls, best restaurant ever!!

Matt and I at Spring Rolls

Man this place is good

Matt and I chillin' in the T-Dot!!!!!

Sweet downtown pic at night with the CN Tower in the background

Matt, Alex and I in Toronto!!

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Unknown said...

You blogged me! I would have never known had I not just googled myself... hmm interesting!

Nice seeing you!! hehe

Michelle Caplan