Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My new apartment and Harry Potter late night adventures

Last Friday I moved into my new apartment and it is sooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!! I really like it and it's really interesting and has really cool designs on the roof and I am looking forward to decorating and getting furniture and stuff. Good times. Last weekend I hung out with some more of my old Pixar friends and also went to buy Harry Potter #7 on the night that it came out. There were lots of crazy people dressed up in Harry Potter style clothes which was hilarious.

My new apartment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kitchen sink

Dining room

Studio room, there is also a walk-in closet!!!

In Emeryville, meeting up with Frank and friends

Frank and Jess

Harry Potter #7 for sale late at night

Me with two girls who dressed up and brought their own wands, hahaha hilarious

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