Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ocean Beach at night

Well my apartment sure is awesome.

Turns out I am only 20 minutes from the Ocean. So I walked there tonight and chilled out there and spent a good hour and a bit in the grocery store. I love spending way too long grocery shopping, it's really fun for some reason. Good times!! Anyway yeah I spent way too much on food and other stuff but it was great - got lots of nice stuff but also took care of some other necessities, like tea and coffee, coffee filters, AA batteries, other random stuff too.

Today the fridge repairman came to fix my fridge, the seal was bad and it was causing a lot of water to collect in the fridge that was then spilling out onto the floor. So he fixed it all up and spent a good hour or so on it. So that was good and I had a bunch of time to read through my new manuals and stuff for everything I got at Macy's and unpack it all. I got that all set up tonight as well and also unpacked almost everything. I went on a cleaning spree and chucked all the boxes and stuff away in storage areas and got the recycling together and the garbage in one big garbage bag and so on. So I'm much more sorted out now which is great.

Anyway the beach was just awesome, so here are a few photos.

Ocean Beach and Great Highway at night

Towards the windmill


Along the coast

Sunset at Ocean Beach

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