Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Simpsons Movie, Bike testing

The Simpsons Movie... in a word... AWESOME. It was totally sweet. I know I have come to expect a certain level of amazingness from that show in the past 18 years, and man they rocked it out in the movie. It was really funny, and it looked great, and they made a lot of fun of a lot of things. It was hilarious. They even got away with some stuff they would NEVER be able to do on the TV show. Hilarious!! It was very well done and yes, I pretty much have to go see it again. Good times.

Yesterday I also went into town and tested a bunch of bikes. I tried these three:

Cannondale F7 (this is actually the F5)

Gary Fisher Utopia

Specialized Rockhopper

Those were pretty nice. But the Cannondale felt a bit heavy and the shifters weren't very clean, they made a lot of noise when you change gears.

The Specialized was pretty sweet, but was really uncomfortable for me to ride for some reason, I guess the geometry on the bike is more racing style than I am used to and I didn't really like the feel of it.

The Gary Fisher was sweet. It was really nice, but it's $750 and it's sortof like a 75% mountain bike, 25% road bike. It's mountain bike style, just with some slightly thinner tires with a wider diameter. That is nice, but not really what I want.

So... the dude at the store ordered me the last remaining 17" frame Gary Fisher Pirhana that they have in their warehouse. It is sweeeeeeeeeet!! I think it will be awesome cause it is essentially the Utopia but with fatter mountain bike wheels on it. The shifters, the disc brakes and everything else is the same on the Pirhana and the Utopia, so it should be a good fit. I am really excited to have a bike that is this awesome. I decided to get a sweet bike instead of buying a car for a year or so, because it's better for commuting, I get exercise built into my day, and if I am going for environmental friendliness... a bike is still WAY better than buying a car of any kind. :) So I feel like I'm doing my part. And also I can bank whatever money I can save this year and make some mad interest, rather than blowing it all on a car that I don't really need yet. Sweet.

Gary Fisher Pirhana

So I am going to try the Pirhana next week and then switch out the seat and add lights and a bell and maybe mudguards and get a new helmet and stuff and then I should be all set.

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