Sunday, July 29, 2007

Macy's major shopping day

Well, here we are. 5 hours of shopping and all I've got to show for it is... actually a TON of awesome stuff!!!!!!!!!!

I spent AGES today at Macy's because it is their "Semi-Annual House and Bath Sale" - my timing again is impeccable. I have just arrived, I have little-to-no furniture, and I need to buy a TON of stuff. Turns out the day I check to see if Macy's sells housing goods, is the day when the website says they are having a huge, massive sale on Housewares. AWESOME.

So I went downtown, got a sweet shirt at Urban Outfitters that says, "I wasn't born in San Francisco... but I got here as quick as I could", haha. Then I went to the Disney store, man the Ratatouille toys are awesome. Then I got a nice Cappucino and made like 10 friends in line, one dude from Hungary who lives in San Francisco, a family from San Francisco and a couple of people from Toronto who were just visiting. Good times.

Then off to Macy's. I spent ages in the kitchenware and then went up to the bedding area. I met a nice lady there that told me to take the pillows and try them out on the bed in the store, so I took off my shoes and hopped onto the bed with some of the pillows there. I found some REALLY nice ones. And they were having a big "pillow event", so everything was 50% off. Sweet. So I got a European White Goose Down pillow, usually $120, for like $45!! Now why so cheap? Well it was 50% off, and then the lady told me to open a Macy's card, so I did and I got an extra 20% off everything!! Sweet!!!!!!!!!! So that worked out well.

Then I went and bought sheets from a lady who was SO hilarious and just loved to chat to me for ages. She was really nice and explained all the details about everything, and showed me the difference between all the sheets. She showed me 300 thread count, 400 thread count, 500 thread count... 600 thread count... and finally... 800 thread count!!!!!! That was insane. The 800 thread count sheets felt like you would be sleeping on something between a cloud and a bowl of cream. It was nuts. They were SO nice. But 1 sheet was like $120?!?!?! Insane. So instead I bought a pack of sheets, bottom, top and pillowcases and I got a great deal. Usually $105, on sale for $39!! Sweet! So I ended up with 400 thread count sheets, which is still like 100 times better than anything I've ever had before. Sweet!!!!

Ok so the deals continued. I then decided to go for it and bought another one of the super insane fancy pillows.

Then I went down to the kitchenware and spent like 1 hour waiting for someone to help me. Finally it got less busy and a lady helped me out. I bought a 14 piece pot and pan set, stainless steel with copper bottoms. So those are really fancy and I got a great deal on those too. I got a toaster, a Krups Coffee Maker, a Krups Coffee grinder so I can get Blue Bottle Coffee Company coffee and make it myself, a scale, a spatula, a knife, a Microwave, and some baking trays. I also got another free soup pot cause I bought the starter pack of pots and pans. Good stuff! I also bought some awesome Star Wars USA Stamps and some Neihaus Chocolates to eat (they are from Belgium and are REALLY awesome.)

So yes, after all the great deals all day and running around Macy's buying tons of new stuff for my apartment, I was tired and over-excited. I got a Cab home and he waited while I loaded the Cab with all my stuff I had just bought.

So that worked out really well. I didn't really want to sign up for the Macy's card but it turned out to be pretty awesome, I must have saved a good $100 because of that card today!! Plus EVERYTHING I bought was on sale, except for the $7 spatula!! Haha amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was SO excited and happy because of the good deals I got today that I called my parents and told them all about it. Now you also heard the story in way too much detail.

And now for some photos.

My futon and internet at home, wahoo!!!!!!

Me and my sweeeeeeeeeeeet LucasFilm mug I got on my first day at work

My new apartment, the main room

Walk-in closet near the main room


My bathroom with a little bit more stuff in it than last time

What will eventually be my dining room area

My kitchen

My IKEA dishes!!

Sweet cutlery drawer

My fridge that is leaking, someone is coming to fix it tomorrow

Stove and sink area

Workin' my new watch and ILM hat


Lovin' that watch

My AMAZING new Star Wars 30th Anniversary watch from work!!

All the stuff I got today for my apartment

Pillows and sheets

Haha, 400 thread count, that is way too hilarious

Awesome shirt I got today

Super cool Star Wars stamps

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