Friday, July 27, 2007

The wonder of Craigslist

Wow this is great. I've totally never used Craigslist before. But it's already found me a sweet apartment... and it is soon to get me an Ikea desk, already assembled, hopefully delivered to my apartment... and half price!! Sweet deals. This seems like a good way to get stuff, I think for sure it is sweet for furniture and stuff, but not sure if I would be keen to get a futon or couch or bed on it or anything. But this isn't too bad, I figure you don 't have to sleep on a desk, so it's probably totally cool to get one used from some random stranger. Good times!! It's like a really organized garage sale, with pictures, and you can do it from your own house. (Or in my case, the coffee place with free internet, cause I don't have internet at home yet.)

Ok they are closing. Time to go home and read more Harry Potter. :)

Haha ok that was a false warning. The girl here at the coffee shop roooocks. She said we can stay here longer and just chill out while she cleans up, as long as we don't mind her music that is on. This place is awesome. Once I actually have internet at home I should still totally come here and hang out cause it is totally awesome here. I love the vibe. It's quite a bit different than my favourite Bubble Tea spot in Waterloo, but it's still really cool here and totally random, but super awesome.

I tried going to another coffee shop/internet place earlier for dinner and it kinda sucked. I got some nice food and so on, but there were some creepy people hanging out by the window near me. I have a sweet laptop. So when I left it was getting dark and I decided to pay $1.50 and take a bus back here to my area of town rather than walking. I don't know if that was necessary. But being in Europe for a few months taught me to be just a little extra careful and to be aware of your surroundings. Unless you're in London, Ontario or Waterloo, Ontario... it's possible that someone won't be nice and will want to steal something cool that is yours. :) So just to be safe. See, Mom and Dad, I can take care of myself in a foreign country - no need to worry. :)

Anyhoo, tomorrow morning the ComCast dude is coming over to set up my internet so that is great, and I will finally have internet at home. Then a dude from work is coming at 10am to bring me a Futon for $30. So as of tomorrow morning I will actually have a couch AND internet at home. Fantastic. Finally starting to get stuff sorted out. Then I will go for lunch with Bill at the Ferry Building downtown. Then hopefully get my bike fitted and all the parts exchanged and bike my NEW BIKE home! Then maybe change my bank to the local bank around here. Then I'd love to buy my bed tomorrow as well. Maybe I'll just take a look at Sleep Train and check it out. Hopefully it's not a total rip-off. I heard they might be expensive. But we'll see. Tomorrow night I think I will meet up with Matt and Frank and Bill and maybe some others and go see The Simpsons Movie. I can't WAIT to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Work is going to be super cool next week as I will be starting some actual coding. I've been reading a lot of the training materials and trying to get an idea of how the system works. It's going to be really awesome. And the guy I will be working with on this project is really nice. What a cool place to work. I am wearing my new ILM hat that I bought today and I love it. :)

Ok, now I'd better not overstay my welcome here in the coffee shop. Back home I go, gotta keep going on that Harry Potter book.

My new bike is going to be SO awesome.

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