Monday, September 24, 2007

2 months in...

So it's been 2 months already since I moved to California?! Time flies, eh?!!!!!!!!!

Work has been incredibly interesting and awesome and challenging, and I am really excited for where it will continue to go and what I will learn next. The benefit of working in a place with so many amazing and talented people around you is that every day you get inspired by the place... it really is quite amazing what ILM has created over the past 30 years, and to be a part of this place is just SO cool. I'm really happy to be here and I am still loving the "new" apartment.

On that note, something I need to work harder at is my boxes from Canada. They showed up about a month ago and I spent the first week madly unpacking as much as I could... and then I stopped. :) So I really have to get back to unpacking this stuff at a more consistent rate. I think that's the next major plan now that the major, most important Jewish holiday week has just finished.

Lots of fun stuff coming up soon too. There are some Sukkot events I might go to. Also the Dave Matthews Band concert is this coming weekend, and that is just going to be totally amazing. I can't wait!!!!!!!!

Just thought I'd make a couple of lists for fun...

What ROCKS now...
  • No homework (finally)
  • My own apartment, going to bed when I like, doing what I like in the evenings
  • Setting up "my own place" for the first time!
  • WORK, of course!!!!!!!!
  • That I have business cards (man that is SO awesome)
  • Hanging out with Matt Parrott way more cause we work at the same place now
  • Finding cool coffee shops around my house to chill out at on my own, relaxing, reading a paper, having a coffee
  • Lots of free time in the evenings for catching up on shows I like, and eventually playing more guitar and recording music
  • The memories of Europe and how amazing that was
  • The fact that I've finally graduated from Waterloo
  • The fact that I don't have to move anywhere in 4 months (like I have been for 5 years)
  • Going to Ikea and buying stuff
  • Getting good deals on Craigslist
  • Um... living in CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!
  • Biking to work and getting lots of healthy exercise
  • The fact that in 2 months it'll just rain "a little bit" rather than be a huge insane blizzard every day
  • "Winter" here is like 10 degrees Celcius with a little rain, an exponential improvement on the insanity of winter in Waterloo
What is kinda different and scary and I need to get used to...
  • Living in my own apartment with no roommates
  • Missing my friends and family in Canada
  • Missing stuff from Waterloo: Bomber, chillin' with Joel and Yung and friends
  • Not having "friends in the neighbourhood" yet
  • Finally paying for all the bills on my own
  • Making sure not to forget to pay bills
  • Taking a while to meet new people, having to forge new friendships and community at work (since we're not thrown into a group of friends as we were when we were all interns)
  • Not being an intern anymore, and trying to get a feel for how now is different, being a full-time employee
  • Not seeing my Pixar friends enough since they are kindof far away in the East Bay
  • Being a "real person" now :)
So there are a bazillion awesome things here, but lots and lots of changes too. So it's going to take some more time I guess to get used to all of these differences. I am having a great time though, and looking forward to building up some new friendships here at work too. Matt's friends are all really awesome and I see them quite a lot at work. So I should have another party, maybe once the rest of my stuff is unpacked and clear, then we can rock out in my sweet apartment. Oh that's another good thing, my apartment is awesome for parties. :)

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