Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm on a mission... for a sweet rug

Ohh daaaaaaaaaang this is a sweet rug.

Sweet rug from Ikea, $249... ouch.

Ok but, yeah, it's $249. So... let's see what Craigslist has got...

Not bad!!!!! And only $60!!

I've never had to buy rugs before but my apartment is all hardwood floors and I should really put a rug under my bed and another one under the couch/new TV stand and TV when I get them. This one is pretty cool, 8'x8' so that should be a pretty decent size for the room here.

Either way. I'm on a mission. I gotta get some more stuff sorted out this weekend. And watch a heck of a lot of Entourage episodes while I'm at it. Let's hug it out!

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