Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Volleyball, Breakfast, Stardust, Ocean Beach

Yaron, Craig, Matt and I went downtown and met the other Waterloo guys for breakfast at a place called Mama's in North Beach and it was just as awesome as Yaron described. The lineup was only about 20 min which was very short compared to usual. Yaron said they once waited 1 hour 45 min for a table!! I had this really good chocolate French Toast and it rocked.

Then we went and met Jansen at the Asian Volleyball Tournament he was playing in (that's why he was in San Francisco this weekend), and that was great. We watched for a bit and met his friends so that was fun. Afterwards Matt and Craig and I went through Chinatown, got a Bubble Tea, then headed to the Bloomingdale's Mall and got some nice food at a place called "Out The Door." It was funny, they had exactly the same Ikea plates as I have at my apartment. :)

After that we went to see Stardust, which was absolutely hilarious!!!!!!!!!!! It was really funny, but also so cool and exciting and just awesome. It is quite a bit like the movie "The Princess Bride", and that sort of style of adventure mixed with comedy. It was great, and the cast was awesome. I really liked it.

After that we took a ridiculous bus ride home, after waiting for ages and then there were a bunch of rowdy kids and it was just insane. Kinda seems like a usual thing for the late night bus in San Francisco. Oh well. We ended up getting back eventually and so Craig and Matt came with me because there were no more CalTrains running and they stayed at my house again. So we had some more food, made some Nachos in the oven and watched some Simpsons and Mr. Show.

This morning we had some coffee and cereal with Kiwis and then headed off to Ocean Beach. We chilled there and took a few photos and then headed back to Safeway to get some groceries.

Once Craig and Matt headed back to Mountain View I was so tired from all the crazy guests over the weekend that I got home and slept for an hour! :) Then this evening I finally sorted out some paperwork I needed to do for work and for my apartment move-in stuff and it was great to finally take care of those things too. Good times.

So, a totally awesome long weekend, lots of guests and fun and seeing friends, and also got the apartment cleaned up nicely and got the couple of things done that I needed to do. Sweet.

Mmm... French Toast!!

Breakfast time

Breakfast with some of the Waterloo dudes

The Volleyball tournament

Jansen rockin' out at the Volleyball tournament


Breakfast again

Ocean Beach

Pretty cloudy today


Matt and I at the beach

Craig and Matt

Word up

Trying to get a nice new photo for my website :)

Good times!!

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