Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Done Entourage, JCC and Rosh Hashannah

I finished the entire SERIES of Entourage in 5 days!! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan that show rocks!! Anyway it's been only about 5 days and I managed to get through the entire thing. It is SO good. Thankfully now I'm done it though, so I can get back to doing other things with my evenings!! :) I just watched the Cannes Film Festival episode tonight, which ROCKS cause I was there when they were filming it!! I paused a few times to see if I could see myself. :) haha. But I did see a lot of sets and decorations and stuff that I saw when I was there (The decorations for The Simpsons Movie, Transformers, and the 60th Anniversary of Cannes banners on the red carpet!) Cool stuff.

Anyway, now that I've finished that show, I've got to find lots of other fun stuff to do, like go to the absolutely amazing lectures that the JCC has here. More details about those when I go to them!!

Also, it's Erev Rosh Hashannah tomorrow night, the start of the Jewish New Year!! Pretty fun and should be a big celebration, but it's all the start of a big serious week where you are supposed to think about all the stuff you've done that sucks over the past year, and how you think you can be a better person next year. It's kindof like a personal Jewish confessional booth, but it's a week long, ends with a 26-hour no food and no water fast, and it's only once a year. :) And you're supposed to be analyzing yourself and coming up to your own conclusions in terms of where you want to improve yourself for next year.

Ahh, it's a good life. Being a Jew, it's all about action, baby!!!!!! (Ok, yes, too much Entourage... I don't want to start sounding like Ari Gold, haha) But seriously, the most important thing (arguably, of course) is WHAT you DO. No matter what you think, or what you say behind someone's back... sure, maybe you can improve on those things too... but the most important thing, hands down... is ACTION. If there is a time where you should have helped someone out, you thought about it, and thought it would be a nice thing to do, but didn't actually do it.... this is something that can always be improved upon I think.

Anyway, expect an array of thoughtful posts this week. A nice change from the usual barrage of pop-culture lingo and over-excitedness?!?! Hehe, we shall see. Anyhoo... Shannah Tova (Happy New Year) to my Jewish friends!! And to everyone, I hope you all can take some time once in a while to think about how you can be a better person. Not how you THINK you can be a better person, but how you can BE a better person.

Ah, the constant state of self-improvement, and self-renewal. I love it. Good times.

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