Sunday, September 09, 2007

Joel's poetic genius, and Frizzante

I talked to my buddy Joel (aka Schmuel) Zimmer yesterday, he's a legend and has just moved to NYC for his job. He had a really interesting/awesome blog post this week about how "real life" working is different from our experiences as Co-op students, and just the weirdness of setting up a new apartment and buying stuff all the time and so on. It's pretty different and nuts, but of course there are tons of benefits. I guess it's just a major change going from school to work, and we've sort of been in this strange "school/work" combo life for the past 5 years, so it's a bit hard to know what to expect. Anyway Joel is much more eloquent a man than I, so here's his post if you're interested. It rocks. Brilliant.

Also, I've decided I love this stuff: I always hated Perrier and that other weird club soda stuff. "If you want water, drink water!! Not this weird stuff!!" This was my impression. Until now!! We ordered "Frizzante" (fizzy water) in Italy like a bazillion times, and I kinda like it now. It's cool cause you can sortof drink Pop by adding a bit of juice to it, but it's not insanely bad for you. In fact, it's just water. Plus it comes in those freakin' classy glass bottles so I am impressed. Good for fancy dinners too. Nice.

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