Sunday, September 23, 2007

Yom Kippur

It's that busy time of year again that's packed with tons of important Jewish Holidays. From last night to tonight, it was Yom Kippur, the most important day in the entire year. We fast for 26 hours, no food, no water and it's pretty super intense. It's considered a Mitzvah (a "good deed") to eat a bunch of food before the fast starts, so my buddy Yaron Friedman (betcha can't tell he's Jewish from that name, oh wait, yes you can, hehe) came up to hang out again this year for the important holidays.

We had a massive huge meal last night, we shared a full chicken, ate an entire loaf of challah (Jewish braided egg bread), ate a ton of grapes, had Tropicana orange juice and more and more. It was fantastic. Then we felt sick (similar to last year) :) Good times though and we had a lot of intense discussions, which is in the nature of this important holiday, so that was great.

Shul was fun today, again quite different that I am used to here but I think Yaron really enjoyed it too. People seem really into it here and really involved, and I like that.

This evening we got home and broke the fast on chocolate on the way home, hehe. But we had our major breaking of the fast meal with more challah and cream cheese and smoked salmon, more grapes, Mango Ceres juice, more Tropicana, and so on. It was fantastic and we didn't overeat so that was good. Then we watched Monsters Inc (still the best film ever made - Pete Docter you are a genius!!!!!!!) Yaron had never seen it, and since it's the greatest film of all time for about 1000 reasons we had to bust it out. I must have seen it like 30 times by now. What an awesome movie. :)

Yaron was just home in Canada for Rosh Hashannah and he brought me back 2 cans of Tim Hortons Coffee!!!!!!!!! Ahh!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!! So I am really excited for that, I can't wait, it's been like 2 months!

Ok now for some photos and then I need to get to bed.

The pre-fast meal

Yaron ready to pounce on the food

Cheers on some Maneshewitz wine... L'Chaim!!!!!!!!

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