Monday, September 24, 2007

Breakfast, Tim Tams, Transformers and Cars Toys

Today was pretty sweet, I got some stuff done I needed to do, and also chilled out a lot since I needed the usual post-fast Yom Kippur recovery day. Pretty awesome that Yom Kippur was over a weekend this year, so I am actually not falling apart when it's time to start work again. Good stuff.

Ok anyhoo, after a slow start, Yaron and I took off to his old neighbourhood in San Francisco and got some really nice breakfast at this crepe place. I had an Athens Omelette which had feta, spinach, pine nuts and some other good stuff in it. Pretty awesome.

Then we went to this Australian store where we bought Tim Tams, the famous Australian cookie!!

Then off to the Metreon to see... Transformers in IMAX!!!!!!!! It was ammmaaaaaaaazing. The effects were just unbelievable. I am not surprised now when I heard about how complex the effects and the characters were, it was just unbelievable!! Totally amazing and definitely pushing the limits of effects on screen!! It was sooooo "Michael Bay" (the director) - a very intense film with tons and tons of rock music and action and explosions. It was just awesome. And definitely worth seeing on the big screen. Some of my new friends and co-workers were in the credits!! Totally amazing.

After that we both had a renewed headache so we chilled for a bit and then Yaron went back south to Mountain View. I chilled out downtown for a bit, buying 5 new Cars toys (sweet), entering some contest to win a new 2008 Honda Accord, and just wandered around for a bit before coming home.

Tonight I made some nice Tortellini and then got to work on some stuff... locating my Dave Matthews Band ticket (sweet) and then taking care of organizing a few things, bills, etc. I've decided the calendar on my wall isn't sufficient for the "too many things" going on, so I've started using Google Calendar (which seems pretty good), and I managed to get some necessary things organized. I gotta pay for my bed finally (even though I've been sleeping on it for a month and a half already, haha) but yeah I think that bill is coming due. I thought I could defer the payment with my credit card, but it looks like maybe not. Anyway it'll be reaaally nice to finally get the last of the startup costs taken care of. Man it's been expensive to furnish this place!! Even with the awesomeness of Craigslist, I've bought some really nice, good, long-lasting stuff too which has been pretty costly. Yaron said he is impressed with my choice to do that though, and move away from the "junky student stuff" situation. I still bought some Ikea stuff and so on, but it's pretty nice stuff, and I figure something like pots and pans I may as well get something good (finally) and then have it last a long time, rather than buy something for 4 months and then buy it again like I was doing all the time as a student.

Anyway, after this the bike and the bed and everything else will actually be paid off. Nice. Now I gotta continue paying back my parents for all the money I borrowed for Europe. :) That's not too bad, except for the fact that this is the worst time in 30 years to be converting money from US Dollars to Canadian Dollars (the Canadian dollar hit par with the US Dollar last week)... ahh!!! It's been getting steadily worse for a while to convert US Dollars to Canadian Dollars, but now they are actually equal for the first time in 30 years. That's insane!!!!!!!

Well I'd better get off to bed, going to be a busy day tomorrow and I still want to do some more reading.

Yaron at breakfast

Me making a weird face at the short ketchup bottle

Aweeeesssssome new Cars toys!! I got the Yeti finally!!!!!!!

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