Sunday, September 16, 2007

Picture frames up, Ikea drawer shelf, curtains

Today went from being pretty slow and chill and generally non-productive to pretty hefty in the "sorting out stuff" department. Niccccccccccce. Yeah so this afternoon I put on the laundry and headed out to a REALLY AMAZING coffee shop around my neighbourhood. I liked the old one I was going to, but the cakes/food there wasn't that great, it had nice WiFi and some cool staff and so on, but closed pretty early too. This one is open late every night and seems to have live music almost every day. It's amazing!! There was a live jazz band playing when I arrived, and I had some nice Cappucino and a slice of Strawberry Mango pie. (Yes!!) I chilled, read "The Onion" newspaper and listened to the music for a while. Perfect thing to do on a nice, sunny Sunday afternoon!!!!

Then I came back, put my laundry in the dryer, had a shower, made some food etc. Tried out my Pyrex container in the Microwave for the first time and it's pretty good for making soup. Pretty much fits a can of Campbell's plus a can of milk exactly, then I can pour it out into a bowl. That seems like a way easier way to make soup than heating it on the stove. :)

Cool, then tonight I stood on the ledge of my futon (thankfully it can hold me) and reached up to the curtain rod to get my new curtains up. Turns out it is pretty much a PERFECT fit. And it makes the room look nice too.

Then I spent some time putting in screw-in wall mounts and screws to hold up 2 picture frames of family photos that my Mom gave me, and my Diploma. Then I opened the box from Ikea from last week and spent an hour putting together my drawer shelf unit. Sweet!! Joel told me that putting stuff together from Ikea was "basically sitting around in your boxers and swearing for 2 hours until it comes together", but actually it was more like about 1 hour in my pyjamas making a fair bit of noise with the hammer and putting it together pretty quickly!! There were a few decently confusing pictures, and the fact there is no helpful text to go with the photos makes it take a bit longer. But it wasn't too bad and got together pretty quickly.

New curtains, photos on the wall

Diploma on the wall

More photos on the wall

Ikea furniture in pieces

Finished Ikea drawer shelf

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