Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pre-Dave Matthews Concert excitement

I know I say this every time... but that was seriously one of the best Dave Matthews concerts I've been to yet!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am pretty sure this was Dave Matthews Band concert #9 for me, and MAN IT WAS AMMMAAAAAAAAAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was really fun to hang out with my Waterloo homeys who all live in Mountain View now. :) I got there about 2pm and then we got some Thai food which was nice but the service sucked. No worries though cause the food was pretty good. Then we took off to Yaron's house, and it was really nice, and then I dropped my stuff at Matt/Johnson/Peiran's apartment and it was also just totally amazing. Very nice, very clean, very new looking. I liked it a lot, and it's sortof the style I was hoping to get, but my apartment is cool too. It feels a bit more "lived in" but you get the tradeoff that it has lots of character I suppose! Anyway good times, and it was cool to see everyone's place.

Then we went to dinner to a place called "Amber India" which one of my Indian co-workers recommended!!!!!!!! It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!! We got Chicken Tikka Masala, some Lamb curry, Lentil curry, Spinach and Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, and more. It was aweeessooome.

After that we drove to the Dave Matthews Concert, and it took about an hour for a 10 or 15 min drive because the traffic was SO nuts. Dmitry was a driving powerhouse and we got there just in time to catch most of the first song so we didn't miss much. We couldn't find the other Waterloo people or Matt Parrott, but it was still SO amazing. See next post for more details!

Matt at "Pasta?" Haha

A place in Silicon Valley that looks like it's been there since the days of Microsoft Windows 3.1

Hey look, it's "Mountain View!"

Yaron's neighbourhood, very nice

Playing some guitar, and trying to watch The Office through the Web Browser on the Nintendo Wii

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