Friday, September 07, 2007

Obsessions are healthy... right?

This is ridiculous. This show is so awesome and I can't stop watching it.
(P.S. Shout out to Louise for the props on my blog. And yes - I DO say "awesome" a truckload on this beast!)

I started watching Entourage 2 nights ago. Since then I've cleared through Season 1, Season 2 (all of it tonight minus 1 or 2 episodes), and watched the starting few episodes of Season 3. This is insane.

This show is so captivating it's like what Dave Matthews Band would be if it was a hilarious star-studded glorious HBO comedy rather than a star-studded glorious jazz/rock fusion band. Bam!!!!!!!

Ok yeah it's sick. And Ari Gold is hilarious. (And we MET JEREMY PIVEN AND TURTLE IN CANNES... now it means so so so so much more now that I am gloriously obsessed with their show. Fantastic.)

Anyhoo... not much else on other than work being totally awesome and super busy this week, and playing "catch up" with the 4 seasons of Entourage. :) Good times. Man, my eyes hurt, I'm watching too much Entourage. Oh well, I'll be through the entire show come the end of the weekend I reckon at the pace I am going. Apparently you can buy a "Let's hug it out" shot glass on the HBO website. I think my apartment is crying out for one of those.

I should probably get a car this weekend and go to Ikea. Haha yeah, I still need stuff. This weekend I really need to get a filing cabinet for all these papers and random important documents I have strewn (ooh big word for a computer scientist) across the house. I still have a ton of stuff to unpack, but it's all packed nicely into the corners of my apartment so I am pretending that I can really kindof ignore it for a while. When in reality, I really need to unpack a bunch more. I think I need to get some more shelf space and a filing cabinet, and fix the leg on the chest of drawers I got from Craigslist. Once that's all sorted I can unpack some more and maybe finally get some movie posters up and start decorating this place!

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