Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hilarious shirt, Cars, Caprese Salad

Check out the awesome shirt I just got on Threadless!!

Sweet new shirt design

Haha I love it. And it totally affirms my good judgment to delay purchasing a car here in San Francisco and make do with ZipCar plus my awesome bike. I am pretty keen for the whole San Francisco style "love the earth" kind of situation, so as you know a bike gets pretty decent mileage, even compared to the Prius (believe it or not) haha :) And this comes without the side-effects of paying for a parking spot/gas/insurance as well. And the benefit of 1 hour of exercise every day. Awesome.

Hehe so yes I suppose I have already become a strong supporter of "bike-commuting", since I love it, and I do it every day!

Talking about "Cars", I finaaaaaaaally got my Guido and Luigi Ferrari Fans Cars toys today in the mail. I've been waiting for those for aaaaaaaages. So those totally ROCK.

Tonight I made some more Caprese Salad (I know, I gotta learn how to make other stuff), it was perfect except then I poured half a bowl of olive oil and balsamic vinegar down the kitchen cupboards. Oops. Haha so I had a bit of a cleanup effort, oh well. Then chatted to my buddy Alex on Video chat with Skype for 2 hours, good times.

Totally want a snack now. And hmm ran out of time for unpacking again. Maybe I'll do a little bit now.

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