Friday, March 14, 2008

Bluegrass Reggae music and Video Post

Tonight was fun, chillin' with some old friends from the East Bay and from my old school P-Diz crew which was sweeeeeeeeet. We met up at my place, had an Appletini (classy), then off to some Sushi near my place which was pretty good. We then went to an Irish Pub which had some Bluegrass Reggae musicians, I didn't hear much Reggae but it was certainly Bluegrass/Country!! Good times and it was great to just chat with everyone for a while, they are an awesome bunch. Everyone is living pretty far away from each other now, but it's super cool that we can get back together and everything just continues from where it left off the time before. Pretty fantastic.

Tonight I ordered "The Art of Wall-E", sweeeeeeeet. I hope it has some Mike Jutan-created 3D models or UV Mapped textures in there?!??!! Haha who knows. Usually it's mostly 2D concept art, but we'll see, sometimes they do have 3D artwork in those books too. That would be AWESOME.

Ok now for some photos and a video.

Sarah and Diego at the Sushi place

Sarah's new pair of glasses

"Miso... hungry!!!" haha that joke will always be hilarious

Another random Me and Riley photo

The Irish Bluegrass Reggae band

Sarah looking Emo

Video from the live music show

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