Saturday, March 01, 2008

Another "sort out" weekend

Last night was awesome, chillin' with a different one of these young adult Jewish "collectives" around here. :) It was awesome. It's sort of like a JSA but a post-University one, and man, it was AMAZING!! Lots of really, really cool people there, chatted a bunch about lots of interesting things. It was a really cool group and definitely I can totally see chillin' with all of these people more. This was a lot cooler than the random bar nights that I've been to a couple of times - much more interesting people, some good conversation and some glorious food. Good times!

Today it's time to sort out some more stuff.

Right now I gotta head back to the bike store and get them to change the headset on my bike. It's only a 10 degree angle and it's way too sharp and "racing-y", I need a more commuter style so I am not stretching so far and injuring myself. Anyway, so planning to go sort that out in a bit. The rest of the day I think I ought to take care of these boxes. I want to re-string my guitars this weekend too.

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