Monday, March 17, 2008

Coffee, Taxes and Receipts

Today was sweeeeeeet!! I got up and started getting my tax stuff prepared. Then took off downtown to meet a new friend and we got some of that fancy new Blue Bottle Siphon Coffee!! It was pretty good, I really am not sure if I can claim it was the *greatest coffee ever* like they implied, but it was pretty good. You weren't supposed to put cream in it, so I didn't and it felt like it needed some cream. :) Anyway it was totally fun and tasty, and fun to try. I think I'll still take guests to try that, but the Blue Bottle Cappuccino is hard to beat.

This afternoon I went hiking looking for Mike's Bikes in downtown San Francisco, and wandered down Howard St past 6th and 7th St... and then thought it might be on Mission St. Turns out I should have just walked another block. I then ended up in the dodgy part of downtown and it was kinda dirty there so I saw my bus driving by and hopped onto it rather than walking through the dodgy part of downtown.

I was heading to the store looking for this Sugoi Canada Bike Jersey, which is pretty darn cool and is currently on sale.

Sugoi Canada Jersey

As I got off the Bus, Matt Parrott was walking up to my front door with his bike!! He came by in case I was home, and was planning to come later for The Simpsons. So instead we hung out then, talked about Rendering and Point Clouds and Maya API and other relatively awesome work-related talk. Then we had a sandwich and Matt took off. I did the rest of my taxes after he left, and it took ages!!!!!! I am actually getting someone to do them for me this year, but still it took about 4 hours to go through all of my receipts, find receipts I was missing, and sort out all the information I needed. This is going to be great. Hopefully after paying for the accountant I will still have a pretty big refund. Then I can finally pay off the rest of my Europe trip, and hopefully there is still leftover money for South Africa too. It would be really good if it's a big return this year... if not then it'll still be good to get some back.

Alrighty anyway kindof a busy night sorting out all of this stuff. Taxes are pretty much sorted now, but I might need to call a few people tomorrow to get a bit more information for the accountant. In other news, the Aqua poster I am selling on Ebay is now at $31!!!!! Sweet!!! So it's a good idea to sell off a bunch of stuff I don't want anymore I guess!!

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