Friday, March 21, 2008

Quote about the Dave Matthews Band. Nathan Matsuda's movie

I love this one, haha, maybe this can explain to everyone why they are so awesome. :)
The Dave Matthews Band's exotic configuration allows them to weave various stylistic strands (jazz, pop, Middle Eastern, African) into an oddly hypnotic sonic tapestry. Armed with popular records and a devoted grassroots following, DMB has galvanized a community of music fans, releasing multi-platinum live and studio discs year after year.
Damn right, "exotic configuration" and "sonic tapestry!" Yeehaaaaaaaaw! I think that roughly translates into "the greatest band in humankind's history" or "if Kate Hudson was a band, she would be Dave Matthews Band", "if Dave Matthews Band was a film, it would be Monsters, Inc" or "sweet glory these guys are awesome."

Thus, I'm going to at least 2 of the 3 Berkeley concerts. :)

Also, please check out my friend and 'ol school Pixar roommate's movie!!!!!! Nathan Matusda, talented director, special effects artist and general badass is finishing up a film that he is directing and doing the effects for, as part of his course at Northwestern University.

Check this out!! Super professional and amazing. Cool soundtrack too. Good luck with the releae, Nathan Matttsuuuda!!

Hangar No. 5 Trailer from Nathan Matsuda on Vimeo.
Pretty awesome stuff!

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