Saturday, March 08, 2008

Jutan the San Franciscan

Today was pretty chill, which was sweet. I've been aiming to keep my weekends more relaxed since I am always running around during the weeks, and that's working out great. I hit up the Ferry Building today, haven't been there in quite a while so that was pretty fantastic. I got the usual Blue Bottle Cappuccino, and then tried a Chicken Apple sausage that was pretty good. In true California style they had the weirdest possible toppings, like mango/mustard chutney and some random relish, but it was good. Also I got a Frog Hollow Farms Blackberry Tartlett, which is one of my new favourite things at the Ferry Building. My other favourite thing? Sitting well away from all of the people, chillin' out in the sun, unwinding from a busy and crazy week at work, and chatting to the Jutan Clan on the phone for a bit. That was great, caught up with my sister and my parents, Alex and Matt and got some nice sun while I was at it. Sounds like Toronto got like 2 feet of snow overnight, and I tried not to mention that I was wearing the famed Jutan man-capri (or "manpris", as it were) pants and a t-shirt, and that it was a solid 18 degrees Celcius today. Oh sweet lovin'. Apparently it's going up to 19 tomorrow!!!! Sorry guys, I know. :) Don't worry, when it's 35 in Canada in July, you can call and laugh 'cause it'll be cold and foggy here.

I headed to the mall and chilled out at Cocola, a chill french-style patisserie/boulangerie that - in true San Francisco style - is in the MALL?!!! Haha. Yeah, not as bad as it sounds. It's actually on the top floor of the big Westfield shopping center downtown, and it's far away from the crowds and the food court. I got a decent Cappuccino and a freakin' glorious Mango Passionfruit Mousse and busted out my Barack Obama paperback in true west coast metropolitan style. Pulling a liberal politician's book out of my TimBuk2 messenger bag while sipping an overpriced (yet tasty) Cappuccino in a "french" cafe inside a fancy downtown mall? Well folks, it appears like I'm becoming a San Franciscan more quickly than I thought. :)

After that I got some Tapenade (chopped olive/caper/garlic spread) and some Gruyere cheese to round out the Europe nature of my day, and headed home to watch some TV and well, blog about the food I ate today. Haha.

Anyway here's my tasty dinner. Looks like Europe had a pretty big effect on what I like to make/eat now...

Dinner tonight - really good bread with tapenade spread, grapes, gruyere cheese, and Caprese salad (tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette)

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