Saturday, March 22, 2008

Vacuum, DMB tix, new bike grips, Costco and Hillel

Tons of stuff going on this weekend already.

Last week Chris from work (the dude who I bought my futon from) came to deliver me his old Vacuum Cleaner, for free!! Amazing! I have wood floors so only a small part of my apartment is carpeted anyway, and so I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy Vacuum cleaner, this will work great.

Today I got Dave Matthews Band tickets for the Berkeley show!!!!!!!! It is going to be soooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are 3 shows but I am "only" going to go to 2. :) There is a Friday, Saturday and Sunday show, and in total Computer Scientist style I did a test run and realized that to sign up for 2 days of DMB tickets, you needed to be logged into 2 different ticket windows on Ticketmaster. If you do this with 1 browser, it counts as the same session and Ticketmaster will log you out because they think you are an automated system trying to work the ticket system and buy more than your fair share. So I logged in with both Internet Explorer AND Firefox, and reloaded the pages every few seconds up until 10am when they went on sale. Suddenly the "tickets not yet available" page changed to the "tickets available" page, and I clicked through, entered the number of tickets etc and clicked through in about 4 seconds flat. :) Both Saturday and Sunday came up instantly, and I clicked that I wanted to buy the tickets. By about 10:01am I had ordered and paid for all the tickets. :) So I tried to login again to see if tickets were still available and at 10:02 the Saturday show was ALREADY Sold out!!!!!!!!! 9,000 tickets sold out in 1 minute!!!!!!!! Insane. So glad I was on the money or otherwise there would have been no chance to get tickets. Sunday seemed to still have tickets a few minutes later and so did Friday. I just checked back now though... and all three shows are ALL sold out already. Insane!!!!!!!!!! Anyway totally psyched that I am going, and I think Matt and Orion and maybe others are coming too.

Last night I went to Hillel Grads which is at the Hillel House for SF State University, it was fun, lots of Hamentaschen cookies and some interesting people there. Good times.

This morning after getting my Dave Matthews tickets I took off to Costco with Rachel, Justin and Julien and that was fun. I bought a bazillion things which is great, I totally don't have enough room in my freezer for everything, but it's all good. Tons of tasty food!! I also finally got some photos printed for that IKEA Photo Frame I bought ages ago, I'm excited to put those up.

This afternoon I took off to the bike store to get my headset measured and I am getting a new one next week. I also got new "Chili Grips" because my Bontrager grips kept sliding off.

I'm kinda tired but tonight should be fun. I'm going to a concert at an Irish Pub with my friend Aliza and her friends, and then off to some crazy dress up dance party thing?!! Just found out about it earlier today, but I'm sure it'll make for some crazy photos.

Tomorrow I think is going to be a chill day of apartment work and drinking some coffee and reading my book. :)

My new free Vacuum!!

New "Chili Grips"

Haha, chilis!!

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