Sunday, March 02, 2008

Huge day of biking, unpacking

More biking and unpacking today.

My friend and "bro", the famed Matthew "Gattabet" Parrott, the legend of art, computer science and home-schoolery, came over to bust a move. We first fixed his bike up a bit, tightening his brakes and then I needed to pump up my tires a bit. And then we were off!!

We biked around Golden Gate Park a bunch, and out to the Ocean. There were way too many cars driving around the Great Highway near the Ocean so we turned around and took off back through Golden Gate Park. Since I have a Mountain Bike and Matt has a Road Bike we had to be careful with the route so both bikes could handle it. Then we took my normal route to work, and headed over to the Marina area, biking along the paths to the Golden Gate Bridge. Awesome.

By this point we were insanely hungry so we went to the Marina area and tried to go to this awesome place for lunch, but they were done serving lunch and we got burritos instead. Then back to the awesome place for cappuccino and dessert and general philosophy of life discussions, you know, the usuals.

Then I came back home, and all this afternoon and evening I've been back at the unpacking effort. Tonight I saw my hilariously awesome report cards from elementary school... even from Kindergarten?!?!!!!!!!!! Amazing. There is some really funny stuff in there, like how "my excitement for computers is notable" and how I love being around people and taking charge of a team in class... that is, in Kindergarten class. :) Haha, how funny and awesome to read this stuff.

Also unpacked a bunch of cool awards and plaques from elementary school, and now I'm working on unpacking my Ghostbusters house and Ninja Turtles sewer. Yes, all this stuff is going to work so I can decorate my office. :)

Found a bazillion things that I don't know what the heck to do with, like a collection of... erasers, stamps, coins, the list goes on. Found all of my Cubs and Scout uniform and badge scarfs, which is pretty cool. Although for the most part I need to just re-pack this stuff. So, so much stuff to put up on the walls in my apartment now, and also stuff that I am sure I want to keep packed for later. Not finding too much in these boxes to throw away, but I sure found a ton of stuff in the previous boxes that was unnecessary. :) Anyway, still a bazillion things to go through, so I am going to get back to it. Gotta get some Dave Matthews Band tunes on to help with this effort.

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