Saturday, March 08, 2008

Horton Hears a Who and it's use of the Animation medium

There are literally 100 reasons why I want to see this movie.

It looks so interesting and imaginative and just sooo sooooo funny. I love when the boundaries of animation are pushed and the medium is really used to it's potential. Thus my love of Monsters, Inc. The best animated film in my opinion is a movie where the movie would clearly NOT work if it was a live-action film. Some Animated films that come out are basically just an excuse to get famous actors to record their voices and a way to grab a bunch of money from kids who drag their parents along to the film... i.e. bad times. But there are lots of great examples of movies that are just FIT for the medium. I think Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Howl's Moving Castle, Wall-E and a bunch more are all clear examples of where the medium is being used to take you on an adventure. A wild adventure into a crazy world with wild colours and imagination and inspiration at every corner. So I think that Dr. Seuss's brilliant stories translated into the 3D Animation medium are really a brilliant idea. And I think the medium is really very well suited to portray a story like this... better than 2D animation even. To drop you into this kind of world, where you feel like you can almost touch the sets or drink the water droplets falling off the leaves... I think this just adds so much to the audience's experience.

Check out some of the pictures from the website, this looks awesome.

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