Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Star Wars DVDs, Happy Potter shirt

Today I bought the Limited Edition Widescreen 2-Disc DVD set of Star Wars Episodes IV, V, and VI from a girl at work! It seems absolutely INSANE that I work at ILM and up until today I didn't actually own Star Wars on DVD?!!!!!!!!!! That's nuts! Anyway, I bought them and she gave me a great price, and they are still wrapped! Great deal.

My buddy Matt bought me the Indiana Jones movies in a set when he came to visit, so I am now adding the necessary Lucasfilm movies to my DVD collection, as required. :) I own the Australian version of Star Wars Episode I, but not the USA Region 1 version. Is that insane or what?! Anyway, totally "takin' care of business" now and getting those DVDs asap.

I also bought a Harry Potter crew shirt, I have a similar one already in long-sleeve but this one is particularly cool. And you never know when you need another t-shirt that is also swag from work!!

Alrighty it's 3am. I keep staying up way too late.

Check out this cool Obama button Joel told me about.

Barack Obama in Hebrew button, pretty awesome!!

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