Sunday, March 02, 2008

Ghostbusters firestation, Ninja Turtles sewer

As part of the unpacking tonight I finally found my Ghostbusters firestation and Ninja Turtles sewer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh MAN this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's huge. Also I found the Ecto-1 Ghostbusters Van!!!!!!!! So awesome. I am taking all of this to work because 1) it fits in quite well with my current office decor and 2) I have way too much random stuff already in this apartment with no place for more. :)

This is SO awesome. I think people at work are actually going to be kindof jealous of all my cool toys. I even have a remote control helicopter at work that my sister got me for Chanukkah. Thank goodness I ended up at a film studio and not a bank, otherwise what the heck would I have done with all of my sweeeeeeet toys?!?!?! :)

First of, haha!! A hilarious photo of when I went to Rachel and Justin's place. This is a REALLY funny pig shaped oven glove, and it's hilarious.

Matt and I before the big bike ride today

Ghostbusters firestation and Ecto-1 Van!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ninja Turtles sewer, I still have to assemble it

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