Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Breakfast in Burbank, then heading home

Sunday I went out for breakfast in Burbank with Arend and Kurt and we went to this super busy but super good place called Aroma. It was glorious and the food rocked. We were going to go to the beach but we were sooooo tired from all the sun the day before at Universal Studios so we just chilled out and played Halo 3 and then watched The Big Lebowski on Kurt's ingenious projector setup. It was great. Then I got a headache from eating too much candy, and then Kurt dropped me off at the airport. It was such an amazing trip to Siggraph and also to LA, and great to see so many great friends and old colleagues. Awesome times!!!!!!!!

Kurt and Arend at breakfast

Arend and I at breakfast

Phelpsiiiin' itttttt!!

This lemonade was awesome

The food was so good too

Kurt really excited for a huge bite of food

Kurt gave me one of his extra teapots from 2004!!!!!!!! This was soooo cool. On the floor they gave out R, G, B teapots, and at the RenderMan User's Group they gave out the "A" Alpha Channel teapot. :) This is the Alpha one (obviously) :)

The RenderMan Users Group teapot for 2008

The Pixar booth teapot for 2008

Awesome Renderman 20th Anniversary walking teapot hat, and sweeeeet Clone Wars shirt

Amazing Maya 10th year Anniversary shirt that Julien got got me at the Maya User's Group

Sweet Autodesk MasterClasses shirt I got

Stuff I bought at DreamWorks

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